BMW's Receive Competition Adjustment
Weight Added To Cars
SPEED Touring Car BMW's Receive Competition Adjustment

SCCA Pro Racing Ltd. announced today adjustments for the BMW 325 E46 model in SPEED World Challenge Touring Car competition.

The adjustments, taking place beginning with this weekend’s Round Six race at Portland International Raceway include an increase in the base weight by 100lbs (to 2800lbs) and a reduction of 500 rpm from its maximum rpm (to 7700 rpm).

Additionally, beginning with Round Seven at Mosport International Raceway, Aug. 6-8, the BMW 325 E46 may not have more than 48 percent of its weight distribution to the rear after a full session.

The bulletin states: “This change is to assist in the competitive parity of the series. After reviewing a significant amount of data, it is apparent that the BMW 325 E46 needs an adjustment. Some of the strengths of this car are its cornering and tire wear characteristics due to a 50/50 weight balance and the new Toyo Proxes RA-1 tire. Due to time constraints, imposing a maximum rear weight distribution on the cars is unrealistic for the race this weekend. The maximum rear weight distribution rule will take effect following this weekend’s Portland race, at which point, an additional positive or negative adjustment may be warranted.

Additionally, the six cylinder engine of the BMW has a larger total valve area and therefore more airflow through its head in comparison to four cylinder engines of a similar displacement. A reduction in rpm limit will help compensate for this difference.
The series is committed to providing a level playing field for a variety of manufacturers and car configurations. At this point, SCCA Pro Racing does not believe a competitive balance is in place, and has made these adjustments for the betterment of the series as a whole.”

This year, BMWs have captured four out of five pole positions and wins, and all five fastest race laps. While they make up only 47 percent of the field, the car has occupied 56 percent of the top-10 finishers, 64 percent of the top five finishers and 67 percent of the top three finishers.

“We have some great teams and great drivers in BMWs,” SCCA Pro Racing Vice President and General Manager Mitch Wright said. “However, we have some great teams and drivers in other types of cars as well, and it’s apparent that they’re not as competitive as they should be. We wanted to collect as much data as possible before making any adjustments, due to the new tires for the Touring Cars this year. After five races, it’s apparent that something needed to be done.”

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