Riley & Scott develop new wing
Anti-Liftoff Airfoil
Riley & Scott Racing LLC today announced the development of a new wing for racing cars of all types, designed to limit or prevent liftoff when the cars turn around at speed. Company President Bob Riley was the inventor of the new concept, which was developed with assistance from Old Dominion University’s Langley Full Scale Tunnel (LFST), in conjunction with Hybrid Aerodynamics, LFST’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) division.

Bob Riley said, “Our new Safety Anti-Liftoff (SALO) wing, has shown real results in the tests we’ve done so far.” The assistance of the Langley Full Scale Tunnel was important to the development. “I want to thank Eric Koster and his staff at both the Langley Full Scale Tunnel and Hybrid Aerodynamics for their help”, Bob said, “we’ve had a technical partnership LFST for about a year and are very pleased with the way it’s working”.

The system was invented by Bob independent of any program in the company, but it will have immediate application to the Team Racing Auto Circuit (TRAC) cars. Riley & Scott is the sole provider of cars for the TRAC series, set to debut in April of next year. The TRAC cars are full-bodied stock cars with distinctive shapes derived from classic GT styles. TRAC plans to race the cars on ovals ranging from ½ to 1-½ miles throughout North America. Driver, participant and spectator safety is a key element of the TRAC concept. Using the system on the TRAC cars should reduce dramatically the possibility of liftoff in the event of a spin.

Riley & Scott Racing and its products and services have been endurance, oval and road racing mainstays since 1990. The company’s cars have amassed over 100 wins and many championships. R&S currently manufactures chassis for LMP 900, SR-1, Trans-Am and TRAC competition.

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