Michelin lead the tyre race
Top cars at Le Mans on Michelin
Top ten Le Mans qualifiers fitted with Michelin tyres

Final qualifying for this weekend's 24 hours of Le Mans is complete and Michelin-shod cars have taken the top ten positions and set the fastest time in all four classes in which Michelin is entered. Once again the Audis' and Michelin hold the top spots. The Audi R8s' claimed the pole as well as 2nd and 3rd.

1. Audi Capello/Herbert/Pescatori 3:29:905
2. Audi Biela/Kristensen/Pirro 3:30:219
3. Audi Krumm/Peter/Werner 3:30:801
4. Dallara-Judd Sarrazin/Montagny/Minassian 3:31:828
5. Dome-Judd Lammers/Hillebrand/Coronel 3:32:734
6. MG Sport Blundell/Bailey/McGarrity 3:33.254
7. Dallara-Judd Beretta/Lamy/Comas 3:33.403
8. Cadillac Bernard/Collard/Lehto 3:33.569
9. Panoz Brabham/Magnussen/Herta 3:34.824
10. Cadillac Taylor/Angelelli/Tinseau 3:35.042

Audi is seeking its third straight Le Mans victory with its R8 LMP 900s. Michelin is preparing for its fifth victory in a row. Every overall Le Mans Champion for the past four years has driven on Michelin tyres. With strong team partners like Audi, Cadillac, Ferrari, MG, Panoz and Porsche and excellent results from qualifying, Michelin expects to outfit the winning team again this year.

In addition to the overall pole, Michelin-shod Audi
(Capello/Herbert/Pescatori) was the best in the LMP 900 class. In
the LMP 675 class, the Michelin-shod MG Blundell/Bailey/McGarrity) was the fastest. A Michelin-shod ProDrive Ferrari 550 Maranello (Enge/Rydell/Menu) was the fastest in GTS and the Racers Group Porsche GT3 (Buckler/Luhr/Bernhard) took GT honors on Michelins as well.
Twenty-seven Le Mans contenders are Michelin partners.

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