Sunoco Race Fuels launches test program
New techniques to help stop the cheats
Sunoco Race Fuels launches testing for illegal performance enhancing additives

In a move resembling Olympic drug testing, the governing bodies of auto races that utilize Sunoco Race Fuels can now test for illegal additives used to enhance performance.

Sunoco, the largest manufacturer of racing gasoline in the world, is working with Dallas- based Isotag to mark all of their U.S. racing fuel with the most sophisticated suite of authentication markers in the world. Isotag’s near-infrared markers are invisible, impossible to counterfeit and allow race officials to instantaneously authenticate fuel at the race site using a hand-held reader.

“These races are designed to test the skill of the drivers and it is critical that they compete on a level playing field. Ensuring that all competitors are using the officially sanctioned fuel is one more step towards ensuring the integrity of the race and the sport,” said Sunoco Technical Operations Manager Art Brown. “Sunoco has taken a leadership position with respect to an industry wide issue and Isotag is pleased to work with them to deliver 100% authentic competition for the fans,” said Isotag CEO David Moxam.

The Sunoco marking program is the latest in a series of innovations by Isotag in the oil and gas industry – the firm works with seven of the industry’s largest companies. Isotag has built a foundation of excellence marking branded gasoline to allow for detection of co-mingling – the practice of mixing premium branded gasoline with an inferior product. On the upstream side, the company has seen great success with the marking of drilling fluids such as drilling muds and frac fluids which provides enhanced information and increased well production. About Isotag Technology, Inc. Isotag is a science and technology company that delivers advanced authentication solutions to enable global firms to protect their products from brand compromise such as counterfeiting, diversion and adulteration, and recover a large percentage of the estimated $1 trillion lost annually. Isotag’s technology can also play an integral role in a government’s homeland security initiatives by instantly detecting fake credentials, tracing explosives to their source, and certifying cargo shipments. The company engineers molecular and near-infrared markers that are invisible, impossible to copy, and legally defensible in court proceedings. Isotag’s patents are the result of more than $300 million in R&D investments by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Eastman Chemical Company.

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