Janspeed back with a bang
Viper GTS improved spectacularly
Janspeed are back! Well actually they have been back in business since January, (for those of you who knew that they had gone away in the first place) and are currently looking the Chrysler Viper GTS-R exhaust system in the hope of gaining power and bottom end torque.

Janspeed are probably best known for their performance exhaust systems that are commonly fitted to cars ranging from the old classics all the way through to the high performance end of the market. What Janspeed are less frequently know for is their work with the major automotive manufacturers, developing engines, exhausts and chassis dynamics for the likes of Chrysler, Lotus, Ford and MG Rover.

Of course Janspeed also have a long and successful motorsport history, having competed successfully in British Touring Cars, Dutch & European Touring Cars, Endurance racing, Rally championships and land speed records. Along with their impressive competitive racing pedigree, Janspeed have been long time specialist suppliers to the motorsport industry, manufacturing racing exhausts & manifolds, engines and complete body shells.

Janspeed have designed and developed and an exhaust system for Chrysler to help resolve a few issues they had with the Viper GTS. The road car suffered from extreme heat through the sills when used for brief periods on the track by enthusiasts, so Chrysler commissioned the exhaust specialist to look at ways of cooling the whole process down to avoid the paint on the sills becoming cooked.

Janspeed set about evaluating the current system before designing a new state of the art exhaust that resolved all initial heat problems, in addition to large gains in other areas. The evaluation brought to light an excessive back pressure problem with the Viper system, thus producing a big build up of heat all the way back up the car. Heat under the bonnet is not good, and race teams as well car manufacturers try to it to a minimum, basically cooler air produces more power than a build up of heat.

Janspeed redesigned the exhaust from the manifold back and ceramic coated the entire exhaust, (ceramic coating is used through the aerospace and motorsport industries as it greatly reduces heat build up but unfortunately it is not cheap) before fitting their own performance catalysts to help improve flow without effecting the emissions. The net result is a reduction in back pressure by 60%, leading to an increase in power to the tune of 115bhp (88bhp at the wheels)!!

With the reduction in back pressure also had the additional benefit of reducing the temperature under the bonnet as previously explained, thus leading to a lower intake temperature which improved the bottom end power. The new exhaust system gives the Viper a crisper and harder edge sound, as if it needed it. The Janspeed exhaust is available to all keen Viper drivers, just have the plastic ready, you will not regret it!

Janspeed are now looking at developing the system further for the Viper GTS-R race car, as they can see benefits not only to the power and drivability but also an improvement to fuel efficiency, a huge benefit at the likes of Le Mans.

Now all they need is a Viper race team to work with! You can find a link to Janspeed in the links section under engineering, failing that can click below for further details.


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