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The Editor had thought of posting up readers' comments about TotalMotorSport's Le Mans coverage, and was tending towards not doing so - until one significant person at the meeting asked this very question: "Do you get good comments?"

The Racing-Talk Forum link will take you to a collection of readers' comments and thoughts, but a number of remarks have come straight through to this desk. Regarding the way we do things, we like to think it is different from any other medium or web site. We create an awful lot of material, most of which is written and assembled very quickly, some of it at moments when we really should be sleeping or relaxing. The Editor wrote one rambly piece pre-race which was ghastly, but perhaps some of you didn't notice. We do our best, because we love it. And we only tell a fraction of the tales from Le Mans. Every driver, every team, has a fund of funny / sad / fascinating stories. We'll tell them here if you wish.

Great coverage of Le Mans, that i have read through in great detail. You are all a class act.

Still wading through the Le Mans coverage - astonishing amount of good stuff on there.

I've gone through all the TMS race reports - super reporting.

Hello there, I'd just like to say that after following this year's Le Mans I have fallen victim to the sheer addiction and excitement that this fabulous race brings to its fans. I'm writting to congratulate PK Sport on finishing the event, and to let them know that they have a new fan.

I've been browsing your reports from Le Mans.. a big WELL DONE to you and the team is deserved.. Kindly pass the message on to all concerned.

Good coverage as usual at Le Mans. David Lord did a great job on the photos. Hope things went well for you, and that you have somewhat recovered from the long week.

Thanks for once again providing unequalled service for all those people who love Le Mans but can't come. I know you have many fans in Holland and your reports are almost as good as the real thing (if they would be surfing the web while under the shower...). Anyway, I just want to thank you and your team (one of which even sponsored our car) for a great job. It is really nice to be able to tell people where to go if they want to follow our team and the race. Hope you have all dried and woken up and please come back next year. Finally: quote of the week came of one of your team members. She gave our car the ultimate compliment "I want to have sex with that car!"

Hope you've recovered from your week! Once again, great stuff! It was also good to see your picture on the site (talking to Mr. Reid, I believe). I really liked the MGs, lots of promise there. Ascari gave it their best, just need to develop more.

On a personal note, I spent the weekend glued to your site and Radio LM, congrats. on some really excellent coverage. Hope you have dried out and recovered.

Fantastic coverage of the 2001 Le Mans race. Your excellent "stream of consciousness" style of reportage is, in my opinion, unique to our industry.

Those first few laps reminded my of a very popular road sign "Slippery When
Wet" !!!! That about sums up the whole race I suppose. Your coverage was excellent, of course, though I could feel your exhaustion in the last couple posts, give yourself enough recovery time.

Great work at the 24. I, as always, enjoyed following the pre-race through the excellent reports at totalmotorsport.com.

Thanks so much for the excellent coverage this last week. Between you guys, Radio Le Mans and Speedvision, I felt as though as was there (but drier).

I really enjoyed the real time reports from Le Mans.

This anorak spent the w/e in his reclining chair. Excellent job. Now get some sleep.

Thanks for the great Le Mans coverage!!!! Take some rest!

On the GT issue, only you and Radio LM have covered it. Speedvision has
only noticed it very recently. As usual, you guys are tremendous. David Lord's shots are pure art. (Rain picks up as I speak).

Sitting here in Auckland right now in a Cyber Cafe trying to get the low down on what is going on there. No sun-stroke problems then this year. Good ol' totalmotorsport is keeping us posted, and enjoying Mr. Lord's photography. Keep it up.

Thank goodnes I have you guys to keep me updated with what is going on. You guys are the GREATEST. Thank you so much for the service you are doing for the racing fans here in the states. I wish all of you a safe and happy 24.

Being here gives me a chance to peruse all the various sites covering the race. The gap between TMS and everyone else is far wider than between the Audi and the rest of the grid (and with tonnes more passion than Reinhold could ever evoke). Damn, you guys are good! There simply is no comparison and I can't even find any point to criticize. Please, pass this along to all.

Great so far!! Burnout will occur sometime monday mornig, hope you are sleeping in. Wonderful pictures of the 2nd q session. Can't wait for Saturday coverage. Continue the great work, Malcolm and crew.

Thanks so much for your perfect coverage on the latest times. I do look forward to dialing up and staying with the race the entire 24. You guys are the greatest. Look forward to seeing you at the Petit here in Georgia. Carry on with your show it is wonderful. How do you guys do it?

So there we are, we've blown our own trumpet for once.
Malcolm Cracknell

The men in black are, left to right, top to bottom;
Peter Radcliffe (mad model maker, good Charles Hawtrey impression)
Marcus Potts (the only one looking sane)
Graham Goodwin (tired, confused)
David Lord (can't even point at the logo)
Cracknell (extremely mad)
Sam Smith (puzzled, away from the FIA SCC)
Marc Laffeas (missing, again)
[the maddest of all was the other side of the lens]

Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours
Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours

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