PK Sport At Le Mans
Ricardo Vehicle Engineering
Setting Up
And Scrutineering

It's a case of 'smooth and easy, no problems so far' for PK Sport's first Le Mans.

Scrutineering on Tuesday morning was a little frantic, but only because Mike Pickup and paperwork are not the best of friends. The actual examination of the car by the ACO Scrutineers went calmly and smoothly. This is a stage you just have to get through with the minimum fuss, and the PK Sport team managed exactly that. Next year, it will all seem so much easier (Mike)...so stop looking so worried!

The sparkling yellow GT3RS attracted a lot of attention. French and international observers have picked this car as one to watch, and they had an eye on it from the moment it arived. Other teams were cautiously casting a glance PK-wards too. If you assume that the GT class is wide open this year, this entry does tend to focus your thoughts.

Mike Youles was bubbling with energy, as ever. David Warnock was relaxed, laid back, calm and serene ...as ever. Stephen Day was...not nervous exactly, but aware that this is his first time racing at Le Mans. "My first time ever at the 24 Hours. I made a decision not to come here unless I was racing, so I've never spectated here, never seen the track."

That won't worry him once Qualifying begins, and of course he was here at the Test Day. Stephen could be the man to qualify the car, but the lap time they eventually achieve by the end of Thursday evening is irrelevant. "Something like eighth in class would be fine. We know how unimportant the grid time is. It's going round and round for 24 hours that is important." The reflective stickers will look superb at night.

With everything set up at the track in good time - very good time - on Saturday, and only Scrutineering to come, the mechanics were starting to get a little playful by last night. So, you were in the swimming pool at midnight, then dried off with a game of non-floodlit tennis, is that right lads? Roll on the track action on Wednesday evening. Mike Youles has a similar attention span to a PK mechanic, so it's in everyone's interests to get the Qualifying underway. We know what Youles is like when he's under utilised. And right on cue, he appears ready for a beer!

Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours
Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours

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