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TotalMotorSport endeavours to provide more depth to its Le Mans coverage than any other media source. We provide text and images. We are unable contractually to provide any moving images, and quite frankly, we don't want to. That's not what the internet is for - yet.

Our coverage is expected to start late on Monday, with the first news from Scrutineering. Impatience on your part for the first news will have to be controlled. Coverage builds up in intensity day by day, so the first news will probably be just a scene setter - unless something dramatic happens in the town centre. The Media Center at the track doesn't open until Wednesday, and then phone lines have to be fitted.....it's a frustrating start for all concerned.

But we'll really be flying by Wednesday evening, with images from David Lord and John Brooks, and a full range of features from staff present at the meeting. We've got a number of driver interviews planned, you'll have the full story from Ascari and PK Sport / Ricardo, Kerry Morse is likely to play a part in proceedings, most of the teams will be as welcoming as possible......so it's just a matter of creating the material. Text does take time to prepare though, it's not instant like TV or Radio Web material.

In due course (even without Janos Wimpffen this time), we'll provide all the chassis numbers, all the Qualifying times. We'll provide a text commentary throughout the race, with comments from key individuals included. We'll try and tell as much of the whole story as we can.

Preview material on each car / team has been well received so far. Not all 'publications' seem to have been so fair.

We're almost ready to go. Just a Grand Am race and a Privilege race before the off.

Malcolm Cracknell

Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours
Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours

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