Pre Le Mans
Ten Porsches against one Callaway: perhaps the ACO could have reduced the Porsche numbers a little, and added to the other classes. At least the colour schemes are interesting. This class has the potential to enthrall - but it's always potential. No Job Porsches or Schnitzer BMWs, and Porsche seem to have left it entirely up to the teams to sort out the win...unless the Callaway can cause a stir, this will be a win for a privateer Porsche - as it was last year, of course.

No Shane Lewis, but Cort Wagner stands in. Lewis met oil in the Porsche Curves last year (in a 911) - not nice. The Callaway deserves success because it is here, it's different and Bob Mazzuoccola is a long time entrant...with a penchant for something different.

One of the less favoured entries. Robin Donovan, Terry Lingner and Chris MacAllister drive. It may be the greatest sportscar race of all, but there's still a Daytona feel to parts of the GT entry.

Taisan Advan took the win last year, after a roll in Qualifying and then the exclusion of the Barbour Porsche. Fukuyama put it in the gravel at Mulsanne, Bruno Lambert won the race after that famous scrap with Haberthur right at the end. Could do it again, if others meet enough problems.

Luc Alphand is a skier. The car will be in the warm up. It is entered by Warmup Luc Alphand. Interesting colour scheme.

Thierry Perrier is a good guy, Michel Neugarten has a sense of humour (of sorts), and Nigel Smith joins the team for this race.

The big time for PK Sport, in association with Ricardo Vehicle Engineering. Ricardo have helped improve the basic project, ELMS races have passed off almost perfectly (beating the likes of most of this class) and the line-up of Mike Youles / David Warnock / Stephen Day looks very, very solid. All three could be much better known after June 17.

Freisinger found some Yokohama form at the Test Day, but the second car is a reserve. Other than Gunnar Jeannette, it isn't clear who is driving, yet.

Noel del Bello goes racing with pretty Porsches.

The Warmup Luc Alphand and Larbre cars are the only ones on Michelins. No Bouchut of course, but Dumez and Goueslard are very quick. Jean-Luc Chereau doesn't drive in many major events (other than Le Mans).

Two Seikel Porsches, just one from everyone else. The Luca Drudi / Gabrio Rosa / Fabio Babini #83 is a much more serious effort, but finance seems to have decided the pilots.

Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours
Official website of the Le Mans 24 Hours

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